Tour Demo 2013

by Eric Ayotte

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This is a tour demo for 2013 as I prepare for my upcoming full length. 3 new songs (acoustic), and 2 cover songs recorded for separate comps.


released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Eric Ayotte Bloomington, Indiana

Eric Ayotte currently lives in Bloomington, IN where he hosts a weekly dodgeball game, a monthly short movie challenge, and raging keggers at his place. His songwriting is urgent and sincere, filled with nostalgia, vulnerability, and political undertones. ... more

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Track Name: And Yet, Here We Are
It's only a matter of time before it turns internal, breaking from the inside.  Like a cancer dormant waiting to mess with your life.  Selfishly they want to stand above you on your knees.  I've heard it all amounts to nothing if you don't learn enough about the subject.  You'll be unwelcome here.  The sun burns if you don't even touch it.  It lurks underneath the surface waiting to cause you pain.  They're out for blood, or so it seems.  Their angers all encompassing, and it's ready to blow.  Some folks are choosing sides.  but you're the only one that makes them have to decide.  There's so much power in the fear that comes from your lies.  You're spreading hatred like it's gospel, and so it seems we've lost before it's even started.  No one gets what they want.  We're all just consumed by fear.  I'm just scared of where you'll take it.  No one care's for complication, so we're left alone.  I never thought I'd have to prove my character to most of you, yet here we are, where opinions are strong.  Even though no one knows anything about anybody else.  
Track Name: Honesty, Honestly
When I was much younger, I believed in most anything that you said. My eyes were full of wonder. Filling up with thoughts in my head. If I were you, I wouldn't change a thing I'd do, because I'd know it was truly from the heart. Your motto: "Just stay the course", as I comply. Now I am much older, and I have learned a thing or two. But, yet still i wonder. Constant pursuit of the truth. And I have found not much has changed since then and now, and I learned that from you. So patiently, my motto: "Just wait and see", as I comply. I would believe anything that comes from your mouth this time. So, won't you please speak to me without any doubt for what you got to say? 'Cause some would believe in this altered reality, but I have been thirsting for true transparency and honesty. Honestly.